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Latifa is a sought-after dance educator who shares her passion for Middle Eastern Dance, history and culture with enthusiastic students of all levels, through weekly classes at Latifa’s School of Middle Eastern Dance in Millersville, Maryland, and focused private lessons in Severna Park. Drawing from her years of extensive training with renowned teachers such as Ibrahim Farrah, Latifa teaches a variety of styles: Egyptian oriental and folkloric, including milaya, raqs assaya (cane dance), Ghawazee, Sa’idi, and Hagallah, Turkish, Lebanese Oriental and folkloric, Khaleegy (Arab Gulf) dance, and good old American belly dance.

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Private Lessons & Coaching

2015 Class sessions

Week of January 12- Week of February 16

Week of February 23-week of April 7 (includes extra rehearsals for recital)

Week of April 27-week of June 1

~*~ Summer break~*~

» Develop grace, beauty, and technique studying bellydance with Latifa

What Students Have to Say

“Her encouraging response to my e-mail drew me to her studio, despite my middle age and less than ideal figure. Since the first class, I have felt completely accepted. I am willing to try any dance move because I know there will not be any ridicule. Latifa patiently develops our dance steps one layer at a time, from the basic step to facial expression. More importantly, she encourages us to express the joy dance brings to us.”