Advanced Classes

This class level is for students who have extensive study and performance experience in belly dance. Advanced students focus on professional-level technique, incorporating the philosophy of Ibrahim Farrah in musicality, theatricality and expression, learning to make even the simplest movements full of feeling and meaning. Please feel free to contact Latifa to see if this level is a good fit for you at

Dance with skill, grace, and professionalism

» Dance with skill, grace, and professionalism

What Students Have to Say

“When I began my studies with Latifa, I knew nothing about the art and culture of belly dancing. Nine years later I have her to thank for developing my passion for this dance form through her patient, effective teaching, steadfast encouragement, and fun, welcoming classes. She not only teaches dance movements but also the music and culture that makes belly dance meaningful, and puts this art form within context of the Middle Eastern countries where it originated. This multifaceted approach to teaching gives me a richer understanding of the dance, and of myself. Her love and respect for belly dance is evident in all she does, and she is truly an inspiration to me.”

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