Private Lessons & Coaching

Latifa is sought as a mentor and coach by professional dancers and students of all levels. Whether you need a personalized breakdown of basic steps, coaching on a performance piece for a show or competition, or individual attention and constructive feedback, Latifa will tailor an experience that will give you the next building block you need to grow as a dancer. Latifa is also delighted to teach workshops topics such as Introduction to Khaleegy Dance, How to Interpret Taqsim, and others as private or semi-private classes. Contact Latifa at latifa@bintbeled.comfor private intensive study and coaching opportunities in her private studio.

Receive personal attention, critical feedback, and refining with Latifa

» Receive personal attention, critical feedback, and refining with Latifa

What Students Have to Say

“Latifa has the complete toolkit for a dancer’s growth: a masters in Arab studies, decades of experience, a critical eye for detailed and honest assessments of technique, endless creativity and inspiration… You’ll never see a carbon copy within the countless students she’s worked with. I’m endlessly indebted and thankful to Latifa for all her help and mentoring in my personal and professional dance story – she is the best.” Shiraz – professional dancer from Delaware

What Musicians Have to Say

“Your students are jaw-droppingly AMAZING! . . . Sharing a common thread of your skills, but also clearly encouraged by you to develop their own unique style based on their natural gifts and passion. . . BRAVO!”

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