Led by renowned performer and instructor Latifa, this school of Middle Eastern dance offers a place for new students to discover dance, for continuing students to grow and for professional performers to hone and perfect their skills.

About Middle Eastern Dance

Dance is a traditional part of many celebrations in the Middle East, with extended families dancing together to have fun and express joy. It’s a dance that can be done by anyone in the family, from a small child to a venerated grandmother. Most Americans are familiar with the solo improvisational form of Middle Eastern dance that is often called “Belly Dance.” Latifa teaches this style and several others. So, what is a typical belly dance student like? In a typical class, you will see students of all ages and body types, from many different walks of life. No matter what size, shape, or age, each person has something unique to say which can be expressed through this lovely dance. Latifa’s School of Middle Eastern Dance offers a haven where students can grow, find support and thrive in the beauty of belly dance.

Latifa's School of Middle Eastern Dance