Latifa welcomes students new to bellydance or looking to refresh their fundamentals in her beginner classes. Learn classic steps and movements, with emphasis on proper posture, understanding how each move is generated, plus the cultural context of this ancient dance. What are you waiting for? Become the dancer you’ve always wanted to be!

Develop grace, beauty, and technique studying bellydance with Latifa

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What Students Have to Say

“Women are always in search of something to make them feel beautiful and Latifa offers this opportunity to the women in her class. For those of us who are beginners, she teaches us to feel uninhibited while we’re learning the dance. I especially like how Latifa gives us background information about her music selections. She tells us what each song is about, the country of origin and teaches us how to convey the meaning of the song through the choreography. Most importantly, the class is just plain fun!”

Latifa's School of Middle Eastern Dance